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Service and Support Animals

Emotional Support Animals

An emotional support animal (also known as a comfort animal) provides reassurance just by being with a person. Dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, and many other species can serve as emotional support animals. However, they do not qualify as “service animals” under the ADA.

  • Our organization has chosen to allow emotional support animals on its premises, ONLY if these conditions are met:
    1. The animal owner has obtained prior approval from a qualified staff member.
    2. The animal does not pose a threat of harm or disruption to others, or the facilities.
    3. The owner and the animal must sit in an ESA/SA-assigned location.

Please note: The owners of emotional support animals must comply with the same limitations, restrictions, and requirements as service animal owners, which appear below. Owners who do not uphold these responsibilities may be asked to remove an emotional support animal from the premises.

A signed policy recognition form must be signed before animals are allowed in this facility. Form can be signed online under, the "Online Forms and Surveys" page.